Re: DnD win32/linux

Diana Esch-Mosher wrote:
I have a DnD that only drags treeview (liststore) rows around. It works
fine on linux! I am connected to the signal_row_deleted(), but NEVER
receive this signal on windows! When I drag on windows the row gets
duplicated (inserted) at the new position, but never deleted!    I don't
see any bugs against this. Has anyone else had any problems? I'm also
connected to the signal_button_press_event(), but am returning false for
the DnD case. To state again, it all works on linux!

Can you reproduce this with a simple example that uses only the C API ?

yes -> submit a bug to bugzilla as a GTK+ entry. I'm sure Tor Lillqvist and Hans Breuer will fix this bug very quickly.

no -> submit a bug to the gtkmm bugzilla with the simplest possible example and I'll have a look.


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