Re: AW: Setting new Home dir

Andreas Hauber wrote:

I thought about how gtk knows where the homedir is. There is a default
button in the dialog with the caption 'Home' and when you click on it
C:\docs and settings\user\ is opened instead of ...\user\My_Files\ what is
more what a ms windows dialog would do. Now im asking you where gtk gets the
information about the homedir so maybe the default could be changed to be
more windows like.

It gets it from the g_get_home_dir() function. Looking at

glib first looks for the %HOME% environment variable, and if not present, for the %USERPROFILE% variable.

So, I guess the best is to (re-)define HOME to %USERPROFILE%\My Documents in your user profile (Control Panel/System/Advanced/Environment Variables) and voilà, the filechooserdialog "Home" button will open on the right directory.


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