Re: Building application which relies on GTKmm and other library.

Cedric Gustin wrote:

Could you elaborate on the reasons why your communication library requires Visual C++ ? Is it a C or C++ library ? What are its requirements (MFC...) ?

I may have been misleading by saying "building object files for each library". When I say 'build' here, I actually mean building an application which uses a given library, as opposed to building the library itself. So, the scenario I have is an application which simultaneously uses facilities from the communications library and GTKmm. As of now, I use MSVC's tools to build applications which use the former and Cygwin/g++ for those which use the latter.

I haven't actually tried to build the application using g++. I will give it a shot as it might work. However, I would still like to consider the situation where it won't. What are the possible alternatives then? Must one rely on dynamic linking?

By now, I may have revealed my faulty understanding of the application building process, the different types of facilities involved (object modules, static libraries, import libraries, etc.) and its implications. Any clarification on those would also be welcome. For instance, what is it that keeps GTKmm and applications which use its libraries from being built with another compiler, e.g. MSVC? Is it really a compiler or a linker issue? I assume it is the latter, but why does it happen? Is it because there is no guarantee that the libraries produced by different compilers will have the same format (binary compatibility)?

Thanks in advance for any light shed on my clouded vision,

Ney André de Mello Zunino

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