Re: TreeView::append_column_numeric() format?

> Apologies for spamming with code, but here's a concrete working example
> from the gtklink/cast libs.  The point of the classes is to update a
> variable when the widget changes, or to update the widget to reflect a
> new value.
> The class uses a parameterized Translator object to do the translation,
> effectively allowing any type of variable to be represented (so long as
> it can be (de)string-ified).
> I'm not sure how this fits specifically with the treemodel code, so I'll
> take a look at that next.

Is this in reply to my question?

I think that localization with sprintf()-formatting works OK. It works for
C, for instance. Do you have an example of what doesn't work?

If so, I don't see how it answers that.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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