Re: [gtkmm] gtkmozembedmm

On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 21:28:44 +0100, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> said:

>> Your trouble is related > with incorrect mozilla installation -
>> this probably bug in the mozilla > package.

MC> Do you have a bug number for this?
No. Not yet at least. I don't really know is a bug of mozilla itself or mozilla
package of your distibution. I have a rather limited access to different linux
distros (I primarily used Linux at home) - so more information is needed.

>> This bug is present (as I've already mentioned) in Slackware > -
>> mozilla shared libraries are in /usr/lib/mozilla-<Mozilla-Version>
>> > instead of /usr/lib.  I've corrected Makefiles to include -rpath
>> to the, this should help you, but still it is a
>> workaround.
MC> Thanks, that seems to work fine. But please edit the ChangeLog in
MC> future so I can see what you have changed.
Excuse me, I certainly will.

MC> Is this what epiphany does?
Epiphany seems to include a part of mozilla in its sources, including those
for gtkmozembed.

MC> By the way: 
MC>    - The "simple" example works perfectly.  
MC>    - The "progress" example just shows an empty window.
I've just tried it - it loads

MC>    - The "HtmlView" example shows an error about not finding the config file. 
MC>      I'm not sure what this example should do.
It is just a notice, not an error. The HTMLView is a simple brower, I've wrote it
to demostrate most of gtkmozembedmm API, and it is also a testsuit for the

I've added config file for this example, because I've used it to view HTML
documentation. Should I document config file format.

WBR, Max Vasin.
        JID: maxvasin jabber ru
        ICQ: 276438891

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