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I tried the visual route to development when I first started learning C/C++ on linux... I couldn't do it... Honestly your best bet is to use a standard editor like VI :D <- I found using simple editors allowed me to learn more about what I was developing with and it irritated me less than an IDE.

My 2 cents


Foster, Gareth wrote:


I'll be quite honest with you, I tried this route myself, and it caused me
more trouble than it was worth. Whilst Anjuta has a nice GUI debugger, that
is about the only thing I can say for it. As far as I could tell, it
produces horrible make files, and it doesn't integrate with glade. Every
time you upgrade you distro, or upgrade Anjuta, you seem to get makefile
troubles, and more besides.

I would recommend, you read murray's Autotools tutorial, it tells you what
you need to know, and nothing more. Then, grab yourself the gnome-common
module from gnome CVS:

export "$CVSROOT=:pserver:[username] cvs gnome org:/cvs/gnome"
cvs login
cvs -z3 co gnome-common

Then ...

cd gnome-common
make install

Now, what I do here, is take the project tree for a respectable gnome
project (sound-juicer always worked well for me), and the instructions on
Murray's web site, and build a project. Be sure to use the from
gnome-common, and that way, you will have a project that will play nicely
with Gnome from the start.

You might want to battle on with Anjuta, but for me, it is better to make
some attempt to understand Autotools, because at the end of the day, Anjuta
is simply not polished enough (yet?) to hide them from you effectively.

Hope this information is useful.



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Hi There,

I'm starting with gtkmm programming. I'm using Glade and Anjuta for visual programming. I'd like to know, where I can find some step-by-step tutorial to learn how to
programme with these tools.

I've already loocked at in
Documentation, but that was a little complicated for me.


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