Re: [gtkmm] Customized CellRenderers

Well, if nobody knows how to do this, at least can anybody tell me if someone is working on bug #102853, or if there is some workaround for it? I would do it myself, but I never could understand the always Kafka-esque TreeView not even from the user point of view, let alone the inner mechanics.
Thank you again,

Leandro Fanzone.

Leandro Fanzone wrote:

I'm working on writing an editable ListView, much like a database table editing tool. I would like to implement a new CellRenderer that prevents users from entering letters on an integer field on the fly (instead of checking this after the editing was done), and also a CellRenderer for TreeModelColumns with a float/double value. The available documentation wasn't enough for me; can someone point me to an example (I'm sure this has been done a thousand times before) or to an outline of the steps I should follow?
Thank you very much.

Leandro Fanzone.
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