Re: [gtkmm] Treeview help needed

Hi Simon, thx for your help.

I forgot to mention that my table is displayed correctly and
of course I have methodes like:

void ConstraintTable::addHeaderColumns()
  m_tree_view.append_column(gettext("Active"),      m_columns.m_col_active);
  m_tree_view.append_column(gettext("Type"),        m_columns.m_col_type);
  m_tree_view.append_column(gettext("ID"),          m_columns.m_col_id);
  m_tree_view.append_column(gettext("Elements"),    m_columns.m_col_elements);
  m_tree_view.append_column(gettext("Description"), m_columns.m_col_description);

void ConstraintTable::addRow(const VecRow_t& lineData)
  // Add lineData
  Gtk::TreeModel::iterator iter = m_list_store_ref->append();
  row_t row = *iter;
  row [m_columns.m_col_active]      = lineData[0];
  row [m_columns.m_col_type]        = lineData[1];
  row [m_columns.m_col_id]          = lineData[2];
  row [m_columns.m_col_elements]    = lineData[3];
  row [m_columns.m_col_description] = lineData[4];

Simon Fuhrmann wrote:
I can't see code where you add the Gtk::TreeView::Column's. Try to use this

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