Re: [gtkmm] Using Gtkmm and Glade under Windows

"Carlos Augusto Lains Leitao" <carlos_leitao hotmail com> writes:

>    I´m new on gtkmm and glade and i would like to know if anyone could
> tell me if i can import .glade archives on windows aplications using
> gtkmm with the libglade library, if anyone could help me i would be
> vry glad...

I'm not entirely sure what you mean in your question by "importing
archives".  However, Gtkmm and libglade(mm) work identically on
Windows as on Linux/Unix.  The only exception I've found is that
glade_xml_signal_autoconnect() won't work due to PE-COFF not allowing
executables to have a dynamic symbol table.  This is not an issue if
you are using Gtkmm, since libglademm can't use that functionality
with libsigc++ anyway.

Roger Leigh

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