Re: [gtkmm] Just an idea

> Please do report any bugs that you find. The examples build as part of the
> source build, so nobody should be able to even install if the examples
> build.

I have gtkmm-2.2.7 and I was trying to compile some programs from 'examples'
folder so maybe that's why some of them didn't work.

> A little googling found me this:
>   list_examples.push_back(RadioMenuElem(gr,"RadioItem Example 3");
>   static_cast<RadioMenuItem*>(list_examples.back())->set_active();

Thanks for this one.
But you see, how would know how to do that just from the documentation?
And I did some googling too, but I guess I did't find it.

Ok. I guess I don't see the whole picture of this project as clearly as you
so maybe my idea was missed (a little bit).
But I just thought I had a good idea. I hope you don't think I was rude or
something. ;)

I will try to shoot from the other hand. Is there something I can acutally
help with?
Eventually, I would like to be involved in the gtkmm project. Maybe do some
coding. How can I get involved?


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