Re: [gtkmm] TreeView Model, SEGV on append

Ohrnberger, Erik wrote:
I'm hoping that someone can give me a pointer on tracking the issue down
with my code.

I build a scrolled windows, attach a treeview to it, create the
ListStore::create to create the model, and set this model to the treeview.

Next, I append my columns to the treeview and try and perform an append on
the model.  It's right on the statement below:

	TreeModel::Row row = *( pMoldListModel->append() );

To help isolate this type of error, split the line:

	TreeModel::Row row;
	row = *( pMoldListModel->append() );

to help determine where the problem if the problem is in the construction of 'row' or the call to append.

Without seeing the rest of the code, my bet is on pMoldListModel not being initialized.

Where the program gets a segv and crashes the program inside of the
gtkmm-2.2.5.  As it's crashing right inside this call into the libraries,
what do you think is went wrong?  What should I do to track this further


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