Re: [gtkmm] Compile problem: Glib::ustring::SequenceToString is p rivate

Murray Cumming Comneon com schrieb:
This looks like a glademm question:

To me this looks like (I can't tell for sure unless I can reproduce the error - for this I need the *.glade[p] files) an gtkmm/compiler problem (unless gtkmm/accelgroup.h is not supposed to get included by programs).

In file included from /usr/include/gtkmm-2.0/glibmm/containerhandle_shared.h:34,
                from /usr/include/gtkmm-2.0/glibmm/arrayhandle.h:24,
                from /usr/include/gtkmm-2.0/glibmm.h:26,
                from /usr/include/gtkmm-2.0/gtkmm/accelgroup.h:6,
                from window1_glade.hh:16,

/usr/include/gtkmm-2.0/glibmm/ustring.h:532: error: `template<class In, class ValueType = typename std::iterator_traits<_Iterator>::value_type> struct
  Glib::ustring::SequenceToString' is private
/usr/include/gtkmm-2.0/glibmm/ustring.h:560: error: within this context /usr/include/gtkmm-2.0/glibmm/ustring.h:532: error: `template<class In, class ValueType = typename

First I was hoping that some kind soul on gtkmm-list has already seen this error.

Which compiler do you use?

Please send me the .glade and .gladep files so I can try on my own. If it compiles for me it must be a gtkmm/compiler issue.

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