[gtkmm] Problem with indexed image

First of all, sorry for my bad english:

I'm trying to put an indexed image into a pixbuf.
I have the image as a buffer in memory of 8 bits per color with the palette also in memory on another buffer of 3 bytes per color (256 colors). The problem is : How do I put this image into a pixbuf without converting it to a 24 or 32 bits format?
If I do the conversion I waste a lot of time.

I've read that de pixbuf internaly works with a 32 bits format. If it is imposible to put directly a 8 bits indexed image int oa pixbuf , can I put the image to a Gtk::Image or Gdk::Image and then transfer it to the pixbuf? How?

The functions from pixbuf to get an image from a file don't suits me because I'm using an encrypted image that I have to decryp before putting it on the pixbuf.

I've try to use Gdk::Drawable->draw_indexed_image but I haven't been able to make it work.

Somebody can help me?

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