RE: [gtkmm] Who wants to be a list admin?

> From: Cumming Murray (COMNEON Linz) 
> Who would like to be a gtkmm-list admin? It's just a matter 
> of getting a few
> notifications every day and rejecting the spam and letting 
> everything else
> (non-subscribed people) through. I'd like to offload this 
> task so I have a
> few minutes more each day for more interesting stuff.
> Or if the existing admins are happy to take up the slack, 
> I'll just remove
> myself from the list of admins and trust that it will be taken care of
> regularly without me looking.

Do we have no volunteers? I don't see why I should do this any more than the
other 450 people on this list.

If nobody volunteers then I will probably just put a warning next to the
mailing list information on the website to say "If you are not subscribed
then your email  might take more than a week to be approved."

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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