Re: [Re: [gtkmm] gcc-3.3 and gtkmm-2.2.1]

Murray Cumming <murrayc usa net> writes:

> OK, let's see what the gcc people say. Do you have a URL for the mail thread?

It's a bug.

It will be fixed for 3.3.1, apparently. On

it says, "Bug-fix releases will be made two and four months after the
initial release, as necessary."

> Why are debian moving to an unstable compiler release?

Unstable? As far as I know 3.3 is supposed to be production quality.
But I think the reason is that it is supposed to contain some fixes
that are needed for the next major distribution. Perhaps it has to do
with the ABI. At least quite a lot of packages were not entering
testing because they were blocked on GCC 3.3. So it's not by accident.

I fixed the problem for myself by installing GCC 3.2 again and forcing
the g++ symlink to point to g++-3.2 instead of g++-3.3. It's quite a
dirty hack, though. Else I don't quite know what to do. Perhaps the
Debian maintainer could insert "public:" in various places in the
headers to make it work for the Debian packages? Bradley, are you
reading this?

Ole Laursen

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