Re: [gtkmm] How can I make floating Toolbar in Gtkmm2 such as in Windows programs?

Darius wrote:

I am new to Gtkmm2 programing and so I don't know,
how can I make floating Toolbar in Gtkmm2 such as in Windows programs?
Any ideas? Any tips? Or just where can I find such info?

I'm new to Gtkmm2 programming as well. I think that since Gtkmm is just a wrapper around Gtk, you would need to look for this capability in Gtk. To date, I haven't seen a toolbar widget that detaches on any Linux application that I use. However, I did find this reference to a floating toolbar in this Gtk+ 2.0 tutorial page:

The above should be similar to any other GTK application. Just initialization of GTK, creating the window, etc. There is only one thing that probably needs some explanation: a handle box. A handle box is just another box that can be used to pack widgets in to. The difference between it and typical boxes is that it can be detached from a parent window (or, in fact, the handle box remains in the parent, but it is reduced to a very small rectangle, while all of its contents are reparented to a new freely floating window). It is usually nice to have a detachable toolbar, so these two widgets occur together quite often.

I find that there are LOTS of Gtk+ examples, but few Gtkmm examples. When you ask yourself "How to I make Gtkmm do <this>?", and you can't find the answer on Google, then you need to start asking "How do I make <i>Gtk+</i> do <this>?" and you may have better luck.



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