Re: [Re: [[gtkmm] gtkmm 2.2.3 on Solaris 8]]

"Martin Peter" <mpeter hsr ch> wrote:
>  Murray Cumming <murrayc usa net> wrote:
> > Yes, there seems to be a problem with the latest gtkmm version. I think
> > have fixed similar SUN problems before so it should not be too difficult
> > fix. You might look in the archive and look for SUN in the .m4 files.
> If found the problems, i saw also the .m4 files, but i do not now how to
> the m4-scripts to the source. i saw that some code has been generated by
> gtkmmproc, but i do not now how to use it. is there some documentation
> this issue?

Yes. See docs/internals. I guess that you need to change some of the
conversions in convert_*.m4.

To actually generate the new files, I think you need to configure with
--enable-maintainer-mode. Using (as you would from cvs, which you
should also do to make a patch), should do this for you by default.

Even if you can't do that do still open a bug about this. If you know how the
generated code should look then please mention that too.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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