Re: [gtkmm] print api

I was just looking in this direction :)
But I'm happy that somebody did it before, just to be sure the idea was
not so silly :-P


Le ven 06/06/2003 à 16:24, Christof Petig a écrit :
> Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> >>From: erwan ancel [mailto:erwan ancel free fr] 
> >>This is out of topic, but can be interesting for other people than me:
> >>
> >>Does anyone know a good printing API.
> >>I am looking for a free GPL api that would support linux and win32
> >>platforms, that would deal with printer drivers, and that 
> >>would be able
> >>to show a preview.
> > 
> > 
> > I would like someone to start a wrapper of libgnomeprint and
> > libgnomeprintui. I don't know if it works on Windows.
> This might not exactly be what you are be looking for ...
> But Magus ( successfully uses pdftex+acroread on both 
> Linux and Windows. This covers all your requirements, is GPL, the API is 
> well known and the quality is unbeatable.
> But when acroread bugs (some versions can not cope with blanks in file 
> names) or LaTeX errors enter the scene, most Windows users simply prefer 
> a nice blue screen (which to them is less scaring than many visible 
> error messages).
>    Christof

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