Re: [gtkmm] get a reference from a Gtk::TreeValueProxy

> So it would be best to store the pointer. If you are worried about the
> efficiency of copying by value then you shouldn't encourage the TreeView
> to do it internally either.
true. But how will I delete the instance ?
does the TreeModel create a ColumnModel (eg a class derived from
Gtk::TreeModel::ColumnRecord) for each row ?
I could then delete my custom class instance in the destructor of my
ColumnModel class...
But this would only work if the operator = is never used.

> You might like to patch TreeValueProxy in gtkmm 2.4 to allow
> get-a-pointer-or-reference-to-the-value.
I didn't manage to compile all gtk and gtkmm stuff on my windows system. So
I cannot change the code... :-\

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