Re: [gtkmm] gtkmm2 win32 compile problems

> I failed compiling gtkmm2.2.0 under win32 after having tried a bunch of things > (really a mega-bunch...) and after having read a lot of articles from several newsgroups.

I read the following thread 3 months ago and it gave me high hopes.
Unfortunately, no patch for support of the Intel compiler was supplied like for libsigc++.
What a pity!
The capability to compile gtkmm2 with VSC6 would be a nice feature!!
I wish somebody heard it!


FROM: John Burris
DATE: 11/07/2002 18:43:58
SUBJECT: RE: [sigc] Building libsigc++ under Win32 for use with Intel C++ Compiler 6.0

Virtually all of gtkmm compiles and runs using the INTEL compiler.  The only
problem I'm having is with treeview.h.  I can build and run 98% of all the
example programs.  I expect to get some time and finish this patch in 2
weeks.  I hope this helps.


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