[gtkmm] Missing gtkmm.m4?

Hi folks,

I'm trying to set up the make stuff for a simple gtkmm application using
aclocal, autoconf etc., but I don't get beyond "automake". It already starts
out with aclocal complaining about a missing gtkmm.m4. (It really isn't
anywhere on my disk.) When I change to gtk.m4 instead in my configure.in,
automake exits with an error message `AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE must be used, ... run
aclocal again'.

Can anybody help? -- Since I'm new to both, auto* and gtkmm, maybe I'm anyway
completely wrong in my experiments. Do you have some advice on how to set up a
configure.in and Makefile.am for a very simple gtkmm test program? (Only two
source files: A hello.cc with the main and a hellowindow.cc with a class
definition, both in the same directory.)

Thanks in advance,


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