Re: [gtkmm] Segmentation fault

Vishal Modak wrote:
hi !!

I have a written program using gtkmm2-2.0.2 and gtk-2.0.9..& glademm-1.1.3d..I am using Gdk::Pixbuf to draw an image in the drawing area...I am using anjuta-1.0.0..I compiled the code and there were no linker errors also..but when i tried to run gave an error

Program run terminated recieving signal11 (Segmentation Fault)

I have no idea as to why this error has come..It has never come before..I have been using gtkmm..anjuta ..etc for more than 6months now..

Please tell how explain to me the problem..and how can i rectify it...

You need to use gdb to tell certainly ... but: Do you use g++ 2.95?

It has a bug which makes it unfit for glade--/gtkmm2. If bt shows it crashes inside a add() that's it.

It's a compiler bug! You might work around it ... but you should also use a non buggy compiler.

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