Re: [gtkmm] Setting the background color of a specific cell in a Gtk::Treeview

On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 17:56, Liza Klerck wrote:
> I have a [Gtk::TreeViewColumn] and a [Gtk::TreeModel::Row] - how do I 
> get to the cellrenderer in order to set the background color of this 
> specific cell for this column and row in a Gtk::Treeview ? I need to set 
> and reset background colors for specific cells on certain events. I 
> understand how to set the background color of an entire column but need 
> to know how to set it for individual cells.

For single cell you must change background color property of the cell
renderer inside that cell.
Could you please tell us how you do it for entire column?

Jarek Dukat <madmaxer poczta fm>

Oficjalny serwis Polskiej Reprezentacji Skoczkow Narciarskich!

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