[gtkmm] Can any Gdk/GdkPixbuf expert help me?

Hello everyone,

I've some questions concerning Gdk and GdkPixbuf:

1: I'm importing an 8bit grayscale image and when I
scale it (up), the resulting (zoomed) image has colored
(antialiased) spots/lines in it. I think this is because
GdkPixbuf keeps every image as RGB in memory.
But how can I avoid this color-artefacts in the
resulting image? Anything with the 'visual' setting?

2: There are 4 choices when scaling (up) an image
for the interpolation type (InterpType). But there's
obviously none that does not use antialiasing. Now,
I'd need a scaling that just blows up the pixels and
does not antialias. Any way to do this or do I
need to write a routine myself???

Thanks to all that reply and give hints and tips!
Many cheers,
Jeffrey Rush.

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