[gtkmm] Mouse position


I know this is in the archiv but even with that I am stuck.
Just want to print the mouse position in a drawing area.

Here is what I did (using glade)

	bool print2(GdkEventMotion *event)
	  int mouse_x, mouse_y;
	  mouse_x = event->x;	
	  mouse_y = event->y;
	  std::cout <<"mouse xy: " << mouse_x << "," <<  mouse_y << "\n";
		return true;

    Gtk::DrawingArea* draw=0;
    refXml->get_widget("drawingarea1", draw);

    if (draw)
Compiling this I get:
glade.cc:84: no matching function for call to lot (glade &, {unknown type})'

I am a bit lost because the followin for a button works:

    Gtk::Button* Button = 0;
    refXml->get_widget("button1", Button);
			Button->signal_clicked().connect(SigC::bind<std::string>(SigC::slot(&print),"button1 clicked"));

			Button->signal_enter().connect(SigC::bind<std::string>(SigC::slot(&print),"b1 enter"));

Even omitting *this gives stupid results.



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