Re: [gtkmm] objects vs object emulation

>Now then GTKmm is wrap arround GTK (i read it in the faq).
>So GTKmm is a C++ (object based) wrap around GTK tha is a toolkit that elates 
>objects (1)

no, GTK+ is a toolkit that uses an implementation of objects done
using a not-particularly OOP-friendly language. the GObject system is
not an emulation of objects, it really is an object based system. it
just comes without all the syntactic sugar offered by (say) C++.

>Question: if this is true, why not to make a port instead of wrap to C++ of 
>GTK ?
>Is just that (1) seems to be realy complicated and a lot waste of work. Why to
>use an object language if the calls remain been an ombject emulation, why not 
>to use objects implemented in an object language ?

because then there would be two projects working on the same goal: a
great, useful, bug-free toolkit.

instead, we have 1 project working on that (the GTK+ project) and
another entirely orthogonal project working on wrapping it. they can
both make forward progress independent of the other, yet each benefits
from the forward progress made by the other?

think about it like this: every time someone fixes something in GTK+,
how does it fixed in a C++ reimplementation of GTK+? how does it get
it fixed in a C++ wrapper around GTK+?


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