[gtkmm] objects vs object emulation

Hello, im pablo from argentina and i have recently discovered the gtkmm toolkit
i have some questions about its implementation.

I used the gtk a few times and it is great. A widget (anyoone) is a TAD, or in 
english Data Abstract Type. the TAD is the previous step goint to objects and 
classes but without derivation or polymorph. It has encasulation.
The GTK guys created their own emulation of objects with this tads even 
emulating derivation.

Question: Apart from any fanatism to the C , why not to use a objetc based 
language ?

Now then GTKmm is wrap arround GTK (i read it in the faq).
So GTKmm is a C++ (object based) wrap around GTK tha is a toolkit that elates 
objects (1)

Question: if this is true, why not to make a port instead of wrap to C++ of 

Is just that (1) seems to be realy complicated and a lot waste of work. Why to 
use an object language if the calls remain been an ombject emulation, why not 
to use objects implemented in an object language ?


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