Re: [gtkmm] Creating and setting pixmaps with strings

Daniel Bausch wrote:

Hello again:

Am Saturday, 12. April 2003 20:48 schrieb Christopher David:


or if the file is in the current directory,


These I would expect to work. Maybe your working directory is not the one you think. Try an absolute path name.

You're absolutely right, the working directory was not what I thought it was. Once you mentioned that I checked it out and was able to put in the proper path fro the pixmaps and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your help.
   Many Thanks
   Chris David

Am Saturday, 12. April 2003 18:41 schrieb Christopher David:

string pixName = "gnim01lrg_xpm";

These will not work, because your file is probably named "gnim01lrg.xpm" and not "gnim01lrg_xpm" like the #included variable name.
If you really specified it like that, then your error is a simple typo ;-)

Daniel Bausch

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