Re: [gtkmm] Creating and setting pixmaps with strings

Hello again:

Am Saturday, 12. April 2003 20:48 schrieb Christopher David:
> pixmapGnim01->set("../../GimsImg/gnim01lrg.xpm");
> or if the file is in the current directory,
> pixmapGnim01->set("./gnim01lrg.xpm");

These I would expect to work. Maybe your working directory is not the one you 
think. Try an absolute path name.

> >
> >Am Saturday, 12. April 2003 18:41 schrieb Christopher David:
> >>
> >>pixmapGnim01->set("gnim01lrg_xpm");
> >>or
> >>string pixName = "gnim01lrg_xpm";
> >>pixmapGnim01->set(pixName);
> >>or

These will not work, because your file is probably named "gnim01lrg.xpm" and 
not "gnim01lrg_xpm" like the #included variable name.
If you really specified it like that, then your error is a simple typo ;-)

Daniel Bausch

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