[gtkmm] canvas event hierarchy

Hi all,

I have a Gnome::Canvas::Canvas.
In there I have 2 Gnome::Canvas::Group (parallel, not nested).
In these 2 groups I have some more groups.

The Canvas represents a db, the 2 groups represent tables, and the
others shall be columns.

Now I want to be able to lift a column from one table and move it to the
other table.

So far so good.
I reparent() the clicked column to the canvas and drag it over the other
table. I expected the other columns in the target table to also receive
the GDK_MOTION_NOTIFY but they dont. (I return false in the

It seems like the event is only passed to the parent groups.
Is there anything I can do about it ?
I need the other columns to get the events because i want them to move
up/down to preview the inserted column at the right position.

I'm using: libgnomecanvasmm-2.0.0/demos (primitives) as a base for this.

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