[gtkmm] Re: Still Pango::AttrList problems

Am 2003.04.03 13:57 schrieb(en) Enrico Costanza:
First of all, apologies for replying so late, I haven't had a chance to work on this until now.

Unless I have done something wrong in updating my library, the problem seems to be still there. The test program that I have submitted with the bug report still crashes on my machine.

Strange because I've tested it meanwhile and after my patch I can't
reproduce the segfault any more.

Can anyone please try to complile and run it, and let me know?

I have followed the instructions on http://www.gtkmm.org/cvs.shtml from the dir where I originally unpacked the tar.gz file with the source.

In your pango/src/attrlist.hg, can you see a line:

_IGNORE(pango_attr_list_insert) // hand code because we need to pass a copy of the attribute

? Do you have multiple versions of gtkmm installed?



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