Re: [Re: [gtkmm] problems using pangomm to render text on a drawable (1.3.21)]

Am 04.09.2002 14:59 schrieb(en) Murray Cumming:
MHL Schulze t-online de (Martin Schulze) wrote:
> Further investigations lead to the result that Pango::Context::create()
> is malfunctioning. It doesn't initialize the Context object correctly.
> This is due to the fact that the generation of PangoContext structures
> in pango is only provided by backend specific c functions,
> e.g. pango_x_get_context(). These functions are currently not wrapped.

Didn't I fix something like this recently?

If there is no pango_context_new() then that Context::create() should be

pango_context_new() is there but for use by backends only (these need to set
a PangoFontMap for the context, which we can't). The definition is
surrounded by #ifdef ENABLE_BACKEND [...] #endif. Context::create() will be
removed with my next patch that completes pangomm documentation
(well, almost :) I noticed some other small bugs and API problems which I
also corrected. I'm about to write the ChangeLog entry...

> I
> propose to just get rid of Pango::Context::create() and not to
> wrap the backend specific stuff. If you want to create a pango
> Context, you have to use:
> Gtk::Widget::create_pango_context() or

The first one seems to exist already. I can't see any

Sorry, it's Gtk::Widget::get_pango_context().


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