Re: [[gtkmm] DLL support for MSVC/Borland]

Murray Cumming wrote:

> "Andrew E. Makeev" <andrew solvo ru> wrote:
> > Good day,
> >
> > There is a problem.
> > Could you explain, please, how to build DLLs properly from sources using
> > MSVC or Borland compilers?
> >
> > There is not enough <XXX>MM_API declarations in built sources to allow
> > compiler to create working DLLs.
> Are there any?

Yes, gtkmmconfig.h contains appropriate defines, that used only in stock.h,

> > Is there any configure options that will force source generator to add
> > <XXX>MM_API declaration where it's needed?
> I don't think so. That's one thing that I particularly hate about MSVC++. If
> you need this then you might need to provide a patch. But make sure that
> Cedric Gustin has responded first - he probably has a useful opinion.

Well, I would to wait.
Patching gonna take a long shot, cuz we have to "wrap" all classes/globals with
that define... Wonder, if we could use any autotool...

Thank you for response, it's kinda important information we should to know now,
before our Project is going to next phase. If you have any chance to hurry
Cedric up with his answer, it would be great.

thanks in advance,

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