[gtkmm] (no subject)

Dear Michael

Thank you very much for the prompt reply.
I am sorry for not being very clear in my question.

This time I have got a specific one though.
I actually want to include pixmaps on top of buttons.
( I read in one of the manuals regarding this that by removing the label on
top of a button we can include pixmaps).

But I am facing a problem in this.
When I am doing this I am using the "gnome_pixmap_filename" function with
the path of the image as an input to it.

But the function is not returning any pointer and so I am not able to load
the pixmaps.

I have my own doubts here 
1. whether we can load .png images as pixmaps
2. is there any converter which can convert .jpg images into pixmaps if so
where can i get it.
3. what are all the valid extensions of pixmap files.

I would be thankful to you if you could guide me in this direction.

Thanks and Regards

Krishna Kanth

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