Re: [gtkmm] possible bug in ComboBox behavior

Meier, Elke wrote:
I am experiencing a rather enervating behavior in Gtk::ComboBox:
When I click on the button to the right and accidently drag the mouse a
little *within the button* (with the mouse button still pressed), the value
of the entry jumps to the first item in the list.
The expected behavior would be to change the value only when the user clicks
in the list.
That's the kind of thing that drives users nuts... .
Is this a bug ? If not, how can turn off this "feature" ?

Yes, the ComboBox has lots of UI bugs, and that is one of the most annoying. I recommend dumping it and using an OptionMenu (if practical) or a popup selection dialog with a list widget and a scrollbar.

The Gtk 2 OptionMenu also has UI bugs (click-drag select too fast and the selection won't activate, scrolling is way too slow), but they're not as bad.

Michael Babcock
Jim Henson's Creature Shop

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