Re: [gtkmm] possible bug in ComboBox behavior


Am Fre, 2002-10-18 um 09.43 schrieb Meier, Elke:
> I am experiencing a rather enervating behavior in Gtk::ComboBox: 
> When I click on the button to the right and accidently drag the mouse a
> little *within the button* (with the mouse button still pressed), the value
> of the entry jumps to the first item in the list.
> The expected behavior would be to change the value only when the user clicks
> in the list.
> That's the kind of thing that drives users nuts... . 
> Is this a bug ? If not, how can turn off this "feature" ?

GTK+ bug reports should be submitted to the GTK+ people.  You could ask
on gtk-list, but to make sure it'll get answered you should submit a bug
report on


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