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It is complex and I struggled with it at first.  However it is flexible and
allows for the easy creation of some nice features.  Good luck, I'd help
more but I have a beta roll out in four days.

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Thank you, I quite don't understand it yet, but I'll study the subject and
your example. Sorry if I misunderstood it first, but this is overly complex
for me, I don't get attributes, renderers, columns, this is all way
different to the old CList, and I don't seem to grasp its inner workings. 
Thank you again, I go back to study


Garriss, Michael wrote:

Yes, you need to call add_attribute on every column and then set the color
you want that row into that invisible column on that row like murry
described.  Like I said, it was just a hint....

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On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 16:11, Leandro Fanzone wrote:
  Thank you, but doesn't that change the colour of the whole column? I 
need to change the colour of a whole row. As far as I understand a 
CellRenderer is related to how a column is rendered in all the rows, am 
I right? How to change that behaviour for a particular row? What I'm 
trying to achieve is one row in red and the next in blue, for example.
But a CellRender can do different things for each row. The example has
an invisible color column. The row will be blue if that row's color
column value is "blue" (or whatever the format/type really needs to be).
If you need this capability on every View column then you should use
that technique for every column.

  Garriss, Michael wrote:

    I'm really busy today so this is just a short hint:

// m_color amd m_visible are non-visible TreeViewColumns
CellRendererText * pRenderer = manage( new CellRendererText( ) );
m_tree_view.append_column( col.m_name, *pRenderer );
TreeViewColumn * pColumn = m_tree_view.get_column( col_num );
pColumn->add_attribute( pRenderer->property_visible(), m_visible );
pColumn->add_attribute( pRenderer->property_text( ), tcol );
pColumn->add_attribute( pRenderer->property_foreground( ), m_color );
pColumn->set_visible( );

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Subject: [gtkmm] TreeView/ListStore

Hello. I'm currently porting my gtkmm-1.2.x application to the new 1.3.x 
and to my dismay, I find that there is no clist in there anymore. I'm 
told that CList is replaced with TreeView using a ListStore model. So 
far, so good. The new widget is extremely complex, compared with the old 
one. Taking a look at the examples, I worked out some things, but others 
remain obscure. In this case, I can't find a way to change the style of 
a given row. In my application, different items show different colours, 
or even different fonts. That could be done in a CList using set_style 
on the row I would want to change, but I can't seem to find such device 
on this widget. I was taking a look at the CellRenderer interface, but 
it seems to be related to the style of a whole column, not a row. Is 
this a GTK+ question, or can you give me some hint?
Thank you in advance,

Leandro Fanzone

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