Re: [gtkmm] TreeView/ListStore

On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 15:21, Leandro Fanzone wrote:
> Hello. I'm currently porting my gtkmm-1.2.x application to the new 1.3.x 

As far as I know 1.3.x isn't new anymore. 2.0.0 stable has been release
a litle while ago. If you port use that so you can be sure the API works
like you think it does on different systems.

Can't help with your actual question. Sorry.

> and to my dismay, I find that there is no clist in there anymore. I'm 
> told that CList is replaced with TreeView using a ListStore model. So 
> far, so good. The new widget is extremely complex, compared with the old 
> one. Taking a look at the examples, I worked out some things, but others 
> remain obscure. In this case, I can't find a way to change the style of 
> a given row. In my application, different items show different colours, 
> or even different fonts. That could be done in a CList using set_style 
> on the row I would want to change, but I can't seem to find such device 
> on this widget. I was taking a look at the CellRenderer interface, but 
> it seems to be related to the style of a whole column, not a row. Is 
> this a GTK+ question, or can you give me some hint?
> Thank you in advance,
> Leandro Fanzone
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