[gtkmm] Re: How to do call a function once every 'frame'? And some documentation feedback.

Murray Cumming wrote:

On Sat, 2002-11-09 at 14:29, Dirk Gerrits wrote:

>All of these questions remain (largely) unanswered. It seems the
>reference documentation can use a lot of improvement. There's a lot of
>missing documentation and also a lot of plain stupid documentation.

Leslie Polzer pointed out to me that it's not plain stupid. But it can be improved. And then there's still the large amount of missing documentation.

> Feel free to patch.

I'd love too. But I don't think I can do much about the missing documentation. I just don't know gtkmm's internals well enough to be writing documentation for it. Maybe in the future though...

On the other hand, there is one thing I'd like to see patched that is probably within my abilities. The wording:

    A ... proxy; you want to use ...::connect().

Should IMHO be changed to something like:

    A ... proxy. For more information, see: ...::connect().

I think signal_idle() is what you want. The signal is emitted every now and then when the system is idle. There isn't much more to it. I think we have an example somewhere, or we should.



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