RE: [gtkmm] Intel C++ Compiler 6.0 and gtkmm2 under Win32?

I've been working on using the Intel compiler.  I have successfully compiled
and tested Sigc++.  All tests ran with no error.  I have compiled all of
gtkmm and been able to compile and run buttonbox, calendar,
cellrendercustom,   However, I'm having trouble with  the _auto_store*
functions in treeview.h.  Intel can't handle them.  This show up when trying
to compile gtkdemo.  I don't have the time to finish this work until after
the 15th of November.  Work requirements are killing me right now.  I may
need some help with this since I'm not a template expert.

John Burris

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Subject: [gtkmm] Intel C++ Compiler 6.0 and gtkmm2 under Win32?

Is it possible to use gtkmm2 in projects using Intel's C++ Compiler
version 6.0? If so, how do I get started? I've been trying to build the
gtkmm2 libraries under cygwin (with little success so far) and I was
about to try out mingw32. But would those .dlls even be useable with an
ICC6 created executable?

I searched around a bit on Google and the mailinglist archives but
couldn't really find much on the subject.

Each and every bit of help on getting me started is much appreciated.
(There's no reward though. ;)

Thanks in advance,

Dirk Gerrits

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