RE: [gtkmm] gtkmm and vc++6

Sorry, for the late reply.  I've been on travel.  I have available vc++6
project files and a couple of examples I used to build and learn gtkmm
1.2.5, including SigC.  I can send them to anyone who wants them.  I tried
to put them on the list.  However, the zip files are larger then 40K which
is the limit for attached file on the list.

The following steps should get you up and running if you get my zip files.

Note: These steps assume you have created the windows source by running
configure and make properly on Linux and moving the created zip file to your
windows platform.

1. Get the latest prebuilt gtk+ 1.3.0 from .
2. Unzip all the runtime and dev zip files from the above link into a
working directory and create the environment variable GTK_HOME.  In my case
I unzipped all the files in to c:\gtk and set GTK_HOME to c:\gtk.
3. Unzip my zip files into your gtkmm-1.2.5  and libsigc++ directories.  In
my case that would C:\Dev\gnome\gtkmm-1.2.5 and C:\Dev\gnome\libsigc++
4. Use the vc++6 project file and build libsigc++.
5. Install the built libsigc++ into a dev directory and set the SIGC_HOME
environment variable.  In my case, that would be includes into
c:\gtk\include\sigc++ and libs into c:\gtk\lib with SIGC_HOME set to c:\gtk.
Don't forget to install sigc++config.h from win32 or it will make a mess.  I
put this file into c:\gtk\include
6. Use the vc++6 project file and build gdkmm and gtkmm projects.
7. Install the built gdkmm and gtkmm into a dev directory and set the
GTKMM_HOME environment variable.  In my case, that would be includes into
c:\gtk\include\gdk- and c:\gtk\include\gtk- and libs into c:\gtk\lib with
GTKMM_HOME set to c:\gtk.  Don't forget to install gdk--.h, gdk-config.h,
glib--.h gtk--.h and gtk-config.h.  I put these files into c:\gtk\include.
8. Use the vc++6 project files to build the two example projects calendar
and testgtk--.  Building these to projects should tell you weather or not
every thing is working correctly.

Note: You may have a problem with the libsigc++ vc++6 project that is
attached to the gtkmm vc++6 project.  If you don't use the same directory
structure I use then you will definitely get an error when you start the
gtkmm vc++6 project.  Simply delete the libsigc++ project from the gtkmm
project and reattach it from the directory where your libsigc++ vc++6
project is located.

Note:  My gtk+ 1.3.0 runtime environment that I distribute with my apps come

I've been using gtkmm 1.2 on windows with vc++6 for almost a year now.  It
works very well for me.  I hope this helps.

John Burris

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On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 07:02, Eric Ross wrote:
> Hi all again..
> After some effort, i got gtkmm-1.2.10 compiled with vc++6. My example
> compile compiles, but fails very bad at linking. It doesnt found
> Gtk::Window::~Window, some other method, and even it doesnt found a
> gtk_n_signals.  Here is the log:
You do not need to post the same message several times. Be patient.

People seem to be building their own MSVC++ project files and having
various problems. The answer is to give us an MSVC++ project file so
that we can all work on it. People will gradually improve it until it
works. Please see for information about
submitting files/patches.


1. Is there already a libsigc++ project file in the release? If not,
please give me one to add to the distribution.

2. The gtkmm maintainers are more interested in gtkmm2 and libsigc++ 1.2

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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