[gtkmm] CheckMenu items


First, can I just say what a great job I think you've done with gtkmm. I
write embedded apps for a living where all we have is a 2 line text only LCD
if we're lucky, so I don't get much exposure to GUI toolkits and the like,
but I recently started writing an app with gtkmm in my spare time and it's
been really easy. Things just seem to work as expected.

One thing I've not been able to work out though is how to use CheckMenu
items fully. I'm using libgnomeuimm, and have made menus, and I can add menu
items which toggle a tick next to them when clicked, but I am trying to work
out how to determine what state a given item is currently in (is there some
way of asking the widget, rather than duplicating the state in a bool of my
own?), and how to set its state (I would like the item to default to ticked).

Could someone point me in the right direction please?


[PS. Apologies if you get this twice - I've been lurking for sometime and
forgot to update my mail prog with the gnome address instead of the old
sourceforge one. *blush* ]

  / Ainsley 'Marble' Pereira / http://www.snowplains.org /
 / Don't drink and drive.

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