[gtkmm] gtkmm and vc++6

Hi all..

I've using gtkmm for some time under linux, and it works wonderful. Now, 
im working in a cross platform proyect, and i'd like to use the same 
source code for both. Currently im using plain gtk+ and it works, but i'd 
like to try gtkmm. 

I compiled and installed sigc++ and gtkmm with no problem using vc++6/sp5, 
but when i try to compile a minimal example, the compiler complains it 
cant find a good version of 'slot'. The example compiles just fine in the 
linux box using gcc2.95.3.

I dont have right here the exact output from the compiler but i can post 
it if needed.

I'd like to know if someone have done it before. Maybe i'm asking a FAQ ?

Thanks in advance.

Word is no doubt faster for oppressed office workers and others who just 
need to throw something together and get in the post fast without worrying 
about aesthetics and document structure.

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