Re: [gtkmm] General C++ Design Question: relation of GUItoapplication

>>Carl Nygard wrote:

> >>I believe you could also write the signal:
> >>Signal<void, BaseClass*> sig1;
> I myself couldn't - because I don't know what it means to write a signal!  I'm just
> studying the gtkmm examples.

So I don't understand how one would write a signal - I suppose it is some lower level
work  that  is done in preparation for the use of slot().  I just take the slot()'s
that appear in the gtkmm1.2 examples as god-given.   Could someone refer me to the
examples for writing signals?

Stephen Tashiro
tashiro trac wsmr army mil
tashiro zianet com
"Never let the task you are trying to accomplish
  distract you from the study of computers."

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