Re: [gtkmm] TextView resizing


* Barnaby Gray <bee pickle me uk> [2002-12-28 16:10:15]:
> Take at look at the snapshots from CVS on (they
> only very recently changed over to gtk+ 2) - they definitely use
> GtkTextView, and seem to get the desired behaviour I've been seeking
> (although I'm at a loss why theirs works).

Just grapped latest CVS version and logged into my jabber account.

But it doesn't work in gaim for me neither.

Starting a conversation dialog with a user and typing a long string with
no spaces causes the widget not to resize, but to append text to the
right (no line break and no horizontal scrollbar). The only way I can
see rest of the text is to mark the text and move my mouse to the right
which causes it to scroll horizontally.

  - Morten.

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