[gtkmm] Qt, GTKmm and the next X11 (Berlin)?

I just stomped against the Berlin project 
(http://www.berlin-consortium.org/), an ambitious project for replacing X11 
with a new and better graphical system in the medium-far future.

I would like to know what the GTK+/GTKmm, Qt and the TrollTech programmers 
think of such a project.

Does anybody feel the need of a better X 11? I'm thinking in particular to 
the DTP developers who are fighting all the time with the font management 
system of X11 (no font smoothing, no anti-alias, etc...).

Does anybody knew Berlin already? What's your feeling about it? Does anybody 
know of any other project for replacing the X11?

Does TrollTech knew of Berlin? Is TrollTech looking at this kind of 
technology as a commercial opportunity? Does trollTech plan to port Qt to 
Berlin (or something like that)?

Many thanks in advance for your attention

PS: Berlin lies on the concept of "Kits". As long as I can understand from 
the executive overview of Berlin, Kits are objects very similar to the 
"Programming Frameworks" that we are used to see on X11, like Qt, GTK and so 
on. A few kits exist already and try to replicate the existing Qt and GTK 
functionalities. Most likely, Qt and GTK could take this "kit personality" on 
Alessandro Bottoni
alessandro bottoni libero it

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