Re: [GtkGLExt] Glade again (python)

On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 12:19 -0300, Tiago Correa wrote:
> Sorry ... 
> gtk.gtkgl.widget_set_gl_capability(glarea,glconfig,None,True,
> gtk.gdkgl.RGBA_TYPE)
> gtk.gtkgl.widget_set_gl_capability(glarea2,glconfig,None,True,
> gtk.gdkgl.RGBA_TYPE)
> a = gtk.gtkgl.widget_is_gl_capable(glarea)
> b = gtk.gtkgl.widget_is_gl_capable(glarea2)
> The problem persist =)

What problem ?

Is there a faint possibility that your trying to say that
you can set GL capability on a drawing area you freshly
created but not on a widget you pulled out of libglade ?

If I did so happen to read your mind properly, is it 
possible that you are not allowed to set GL capability
on an anchored/realized window ?

Note that a widget pulled out of libglade probably has
a toplevel and if the toplevel was visible=True in the
glade file then it most probably is already realized
once the GladeXML object is created.


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