Re: [GtkGLExt] gtkglext and glade (python)

On 3/28/07, Tiago Correa <ctiagotb yahoo com br> wrote:

I've application in python with a interface in a glade file that contains a drawingarea and I would like to insert a opengl scene at this drawingarea. But how can I do it?

I tried to this:

gladefile ="")   
glarea = gladefile.get_widget('drawingarea1')

gtk.gtkgl.widget_set_gl_capability(glarea,glconfig,None,True, gtk.gdkgl.RGBA_TYPE)
a = gtk.gtkgl.widget_is_gl_capable (glarea)
print a

but don't worked =/

I use a different code, but I don't see in your the config initialization

display_mode = (gtk.gdkgl.MODE_RGB | gtk.gdkgl.MODE_DOUBLE)
          glconfig = gtk.gdkgl.Config(mode=display_mode)
except gtk.gdkgl.NoMatches:
           display_mode &= ~gtk.gdkgl.MODE_SINGLE
           glconfig = gtk.gdkgl.Config(mode = display_mode)
Marco Bonifazi

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