[GtkGLExt] Flickering of widgets being drawn on top of GL-context

Greetings everybody!

	I have a GtkWindow into which I draw with OpenGL (on the background via
GtkGlExt). In this GtkWindow I place a few widgets (GtkEntry, GtkButton,
GtkLabel, GtkVBox, GtkHBox, GtkHSeparator). All but the GtkEntry flicker
during the event/animation loop.

	In addition to drawing in the GtkWindow's expose-event handler, I made
the GtkWindow app-paintable of course. Otherwise the theme-colored
background would be drawn, which I do not want.

	The flickering gets even worse when I add an expose-event handler to
one of the GtkVBox-widgets in order to draw a slightly transparent
background with cairo beneath the widgets this GtkVBox contains.

	How can I synchronize this drawing for the other widgets? Apparently it
works with GtkEntry. What's different in GtkEntry's implementation
compared to the other widgets making it flicker-free while being put
over a GL-context?

	BTW, this happens with OSS-drivers (i915) and on nvidia's proprietary
one (GeForce 7900GT). Those are the ones I tested.

	This here might be of additional help. I did a similar thing in
glitz-test, available here...


... and there no flickering occurs, no matter if I use glitz (OpenGL) or

Thanks in advance for any helpful hints!

Best regards...

Mirco "MacSlow" M�-- 
email - macslow bangang de
www - http://macslow.thepimp.net
lowfat - http://macslow.thepimp.net/sponsor-it

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