Re: gtkdatabox- released

Dear Laurent,

Laurent Perez wrote:
> I can't succeed in having logarithmic scaling and auto rescale (example
> attached).

Oh, that is because your data goes from 0 to 99999. 0 as well as
negative numbers are rather unpleasant for logarithms, though.

I knew this would happen, but forgot to add appropriate warnings. I have
added one warning in the gtkdatabox ruler now, the new version is
uploaded by now. I probably will add warnings in other places, too (for
instance in the auto-rescale function, but that would only work if you
called it after switching to logarithmic scaling. Thus, another warning
might be needed in that place, too, etc). But at least one warning is in
place now :-)

> I find "gtk_databox_set_total_limits (box, top_left, bottom_right)"
> function a little confusing. I would have prefere
> "gtk_databox_set_total_limits (box, bottom_left, top_right)" or
> "gtk_databox_set_total_limits (box, x_min_max, y_min_max)" but I think
> it's just a matter of habit.

As a European, I am reading from top_left to bottom right, that's why I
used this combination. If I were from some Arabic country, I might have
used top_right and bottom_left.

You're not the first to mention this, though. I am thinking about
changing the interface when it comes to rectangle coordinates (this
would also affect the marshaller compile problem reported by Eric).



> Regards ;
> Laurent.
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